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Terms of Service

  1. Preface

1.1 These Terms of Service are a legally binding agreement. The terms herein apply to anyone who makes use of the website and any purchases made via the website, or telephonically or by email and are a binding agreement between the purchaser and Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery. Read these Terms of Service carefully and in their entirety. The titles of these Terms of Service are for convenience only.

1.2 The website is an Israeli website acting as a virtual store for the purchase of merchandise carrying the brand name ” Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery ” and other accessories on the internet in Israel and internationally. The website is operated by Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery, business no# 327140133, whose address is Nachal Zavitan 4, Beit Shemesh, Israel.

1.3 You may contact Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery by phone 0772126166 or by email

1.4 Surfing the website and purchasing merchandise from it reflects your agreement to abide by these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any clause in the Terms of Service, you are requested not to use the website in any way.

1.5 Purchasing on the website is by using a credit card only. The prices listed include VAT.

1.6 These Terms of Service may change at any time by and at the exclusive discretion of Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery.


  1. Use of the website

2.1 Permission to use the content of the website is solely according to these Terms of Service. It is forbidden to use the content of the website for any purpose that violates these Terms of Service.

2.2 It is forbidden to copy and/or publish pictures and/or written content and or logos and/or videos from the website without express written permission from Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery and/or the owner of appropriate rights. Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery will not be liable for any 3rd party violations.

2.3 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery is under no obligation to provide technical support, including, but not only, service regarding operation of the website and/or the services provided by it. The user/visitor relinquishes any claims or lawsuits against Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery resulting from lack of and/or absence of said technical support.


  1. Privacy

3.1 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery endeavors to the best of our ability with the means at our disposal to preserve the privacy of the visitors to the website and prevent any private data from reaching other hands. Despite this we do not guarantee to completely block and/or absolutely prevent unauthorized intrusion to our systems. By making use of the website you hereby relinquish all claims and lawsuits against Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery in this regard.

3.2 As part of your use of the website certain data pertaining to the content displayed may be gathered for statistical analysis and improvement of our service. This data is impersonal and does record your private information. That said, Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery reserves the right to store your private information resulting from opting into our mailing list and/or purchasing merchandise on the website according to these Terms of Service and for purposes of communicating with the user/visitor of the website .

3.3 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery reserves the right to transfer personal data to other parties in the cases of: a. Violation of these Terms of Service. b. Requests by law enforcement agencies and the justice system.


  1. Delivery of Merchandise

4.1 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery undertakes to do whatever is in our power to deliver the purchased merchandise within the time frame specified on the order page, from the date of purchase.

4.2 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery is not liable for damages of any kind incurred to the purchaser due to delay and/or failure of arrival of merchandise.

4.3 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery will regard only those orders processed by the system for which the user/visitor/purchaser received an order confirmation to their specified email address at the time of the order, containing the details of the order, including order number and items ordered.

4.4 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery, and/or subcontractors that it employs may request at any time additional identification documents or details, such as ID number, social security number, etc. of the owner of the credit card used in the order, including, if needed, the signature of the card owner as a condition for delivery of merchandise.

4.5 To the best of our knowledge, the items for sale on our website are in stock. Those items which are not in stock will be flagged on the website and the user/visitor will not be able to purchase them. That said, Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery cannot guarantee stock of any specific item at any specific time. If for any reason an item that appears on our website as in-stock and cannot be delivered, Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery will fully refund the amount paid for said item via whatever means of payment was used by the purchaser.

4.6 In any case, Goldberg’s is not responsible for any delay and/or non-arrival in the delivery of the product due to circumstances that are beyond its control and which have the potential to thwart the arrival of the shipment on time, including the delivery of false details by the purchaser, , road closures and the blocking of traffic by an external party, a natural disaster, a state of national emergency, stormy weather.

The delivery order service on the website is not included in the price of the
product and is subject to the addition of delivery fees in an amount determined
by Goldberg's, and varying according to the region, which will be charged for
each delivery at the time of placing the order.
Deliveries in Beit Shemesh: NIS 30. Deliveries in Jerusalem 35 NIS
The method of payment on the site is through credit cards and everything is
subject to the following:
Confirmation of the order is conditional on the use of a valid credit card, and
approval on behalf of the credit company
There is also an option for self-collection:
Beit Shemesh – Nahal Zavitan 4 Ramat Beit Shemesh A.
Jerusalem – 18 Gadara Street – Fam. Angel

  1. Cancellation of Orders

5.1 The customer reserves the right to cancel his/her order subject to the Israel law for the Protection of the Consumer, 1981.

5.2 Cancellation of orders will be done according to one of the following –

5.2.1 Verbally by phone – 0772126166, Sun – Thu between 9am – 1pm, Fri between 9am – 12pm Israel time

5.2.2 Via email

5.3 The customer reserves the right to cancel his/her order within 24 hours from time of purchase.

5.4 In case the purchaser wishes to cancel his/her order due to a flaw in the merchandise and/or incompatibility between the merchandise he/she received and the description of the merchandise present on the website and/or due to failure to deliver the merchandise in the time frame specified and/or due to any other alleged claim of breach of contract by Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery, the purchaser will contact Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery using one of the methods of communication listed above and depending on the validity of the claim will receive a refund.

5.5 Cancellation and refunds for any reason that is not included in those listed above will not be accepted


  1. Limitation of Liability

6.1 If there is an abnormal and clear mistake in the description of the product or service, for example price in agurot instead of shekels, Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery will not be bound by that price. Pictures on the website are for purposes of illustration only and as each product is hand baked do not necessarily reflect the final product accurately.

6.2 The data appearing on Goldberg’s products was provided by the product suppliers and is their responsibility. You must read what appears on the product before using it. It is hereby clarified that all products are made in an allergenic environment and the purchaser is responsible for checking in advance whether the ordered product contains allergenic substances such as: dairy products, nuts of all kinds, coconut, eggs, etc.



  1. Agreement to Receive Correspondence

7.1 The user/visitor agrees to and accepts that from time to time Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery will send to his/her email address news updates and promotional information about our products and services according to the Israeli Law of Communication, 1982. At any time the user/visitor may request to be removed from the mailing list by contacting us via the methods stipulated above.


  1. Use of Cookies

8.1 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery makes use of cookies to track the order process. The cookies contain no personal information of the user/visitor.


  1. Security

9.1 The website is secured and meets all the most stringent security requirements in order that user/visitor information entered during purchases will remain confidential and secure.

9.2 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery guarantees that your credit card information will not be transferred to anyone excepting the credit card company from which it is issued and those parties listed in 3.3 above.

9.3 Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery implements advanced security systems on its computers and the website Intrusion (hacking) into any of the computers/systems of Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery and the website is a criminal offense according to Israeli law. To be clear, despite our utmost efforts to secure our systems and use of the latest and most advanced security technology, the purchasing transaction of the website is done online over the internet and Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery cannot guarantee absolute impenetrability against intrusion (hacking), exposure of private information and/or disruption of service. Therefore the responsibility of entering information on the website is solely that of the user/visitor and he/she will have no claim against Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery in any case that private information is illegally exposed or compromised.

9.4 The credit information of the user/visitor making a purchase on the website and not stored at all on the computers of Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery.


  1. Intellectual Property

10.1 All the intellectual property contained on the website, including, but not limited to copyrights, commercial rights, logos, brand names, trade secrets and organization of content is the exclusive property of Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery and/or the 3rd party contractors employed by Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery for which Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery received a license for use and they are legally protected by the laws of the State of Israel and international treaties. These rights extend to the graphic design of the website, its database and all other aspects of the website It is illegal and forbidden to copy, duplicate, sell, distribute or translate any content on the website without express permission from Goldberg’s – Gluten Free Bakery in writing and in advance.


  1. Legal Jurisdiction

11.1 Legal interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Service and/or any dispute resulting from it, will be executed according to the laws of the State of Israel.