About us

“Mummy, why can’t my cake taste like everyone else’s?”

When two of my young children were diagnosed with celiac seven years ago, there were many dietary changes to get used to – for them and for me.   While my son was struggling to adjust to the idea of no more cakes, cookies, bagels or pizza (my daughter, at age 2, had no idea yet what had hit her), I was working hard to come up with alternatives that were as yummy as possible.

So, I scoured the supermarkets, buying whatever gluten-free baked goods were out there.  But inevitably, my son would turn up his nose at this poor substitute for the moist, rich, flavorful cakes he was used to. (Frankly, I didn’t blame him!) 

“Mummy, why can’t my cake taste like everyone else’s?” the poor boy asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.  After all, why couldn’t it? 

I decided to find out.

Flour Power

I’d always enjoyed baking and pastry making; now I took those years of experience and began to experiment with gluten-free baking. I didn’t like any of the gluten-free flour blends on the market, so I developed my own – the perfect balance of grains and starches that I found yielded the best texture.

It took a lot of trial and error, but when I finally produced that perfectly moist, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cake, the smile on my son’s face made it all worth it.  

The more people who tasted the cake and expressed shock that it was gluten-free, the more I realized, why keep it to ourselves?  There’s a large and growing gluten-free community out there, whether because of celiac or other causes. So many children look longingly at their friend’s birthday cake or the brownies brought in for school parties.  (And many adults have the same problem with Shabbos dessert or kiddushim!) 

That’s how Goldberg’s Gluten Free Bakery was born. 

No More Nebach

Today, our ever-growing baked goods line features dozens of delicious products, from cakes to muffins, cookies and bars. The texture and flavor are absolutely scrumptious – everyone agrees that they’d never know it was gluten free!  We’re working on expanding into breads as well. 

As a mother of two children with celiac, I’m proud that they won’t need to grow up with a sense of deprivation. My dream is that every child should feel the same. That no one should have to feel like a nebach because he’s gluten-free.  

If you have a gluten-free family member or are gluten-free yourself, I invite you to join me in my dream. Treat your child or yourself to the most delectable, highest-quality gluten-free baked goods you’ve ever tasted!